高1 Onoda(15) / 高3 Onoda(I hope)(17)

I drew Kenma for an AT with pue! There’s a little pun in here with her name
(ര ᴗ ര )

リサイズ by 有機酸

Realism practice /o/

Oichi.Just some doodle I did to distract myself from work and to relax a bit.I really want to draw a proper portrait of Oichi sometime, but I feel like I can never do her justice. This character is so beautiful, and I just … hnnnngh.(Done with a newer version of MyPaint - why did they have to butcher my favorite brushes, whyyyyy?)

My first run of Badou Nails from Dogs Bullets and Carnage. I was looking through pictures of him with Nikita (who just gave me his wig for christmas) and I realized that with a few quick props I could do a shoot…and naturally that’s all she needed to hear. Result of the impromptu shoot
Badou Nails by *Requiem-Rain
Myself as Badou
Photo by Cozpho

After hours of redrawing and reconstructing things around…I’m somewhat content or rather I’m just done with this. But, here’s Kanda’s AU outfit. It became more elaborate then I had in mind. I’m not going to make his attire like this because I get too frustrated with small details, esp on the ornaments. In this AU he is known as the “Prince of the Swords.”