高1 Onoda(15) / 高3 Onoda(I hope)(17)

I drew Kenma for an AT with pue! There’s a little pun in here with her name
(ര ᴗ ര )

リサイズ by 有機酸

Realism practice /o/

Oichi.Just some doodle I did to distract myself from work and to relax a bit.I really want to draw a proper portrait of Oichi sometime, but I feel like I can never do her justice. This character is so beautiful, and I just … hnnnngh.(Done with a newer version of MyPaint - why did they have to butcher my favorite brushes, whyyyyy?)

My first run of Badou Nails from Dogs Bullets and Carnage. I was looking through pictures of him with Nikita (who just gave me his wig for christmas) and I realized that with a few quick props I could do a shoot…and naturally that’s all she needed to hear. Result of the impromptu shoot
Badou Nails by *Requiem-Rain
Myself as Badou
Photo by Cozpho